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"Thanks a lot for always doing this little bit more to ensure that your translations are perfect; the language is great and you clearly do the necessary thorough research - this does not go unnoticed by our clients!"

Another world

Time and time again, game developers, publishers and distributors are let down by poor translations. The gaming world is a special world that deserves special people. It is not a world for 'stuffy' translators who spend their entire day with their noses stuck in dictionaries. That is why we have set up a separate website for game localization.

You need a team. A team that effortlessly allows the gamer to lose himself in the world created by your programmers, be it a blood-curdling mission in Zanzibar, a fierce battle against aliens in far-away galaxies, or the eternal struggle between Good and Evil.

The final, but not the weakest link

It can take years to devise and develop a new game. The game is tested and re-tested to ensure that the software is completely bug-free. What is the point of wasting all this time and energy if you end up outsourcing the translation to people who really haven't got a clue about the gaming world?

Our gaming experts spend all their spare waking hours gaming. They know the issues that affect the gaming community. They know what is cool and uncool. They know exactly what to say and how to say it, allowing the gamer to immerse himself fully in the game without being distracted by poor use of language. You have a story to tell. We make sure it is told well.

Gaming is not a game

In one particular manual, the English term 'Turn undead' had been translated as 'Flip undead'. As any priest knows, it should have read something that meant 'Expel undead'. Naturally, gamers who read these types of translations will feel that they are not being taken seriously and will turn their back on the game. This must be avoided at all cost. We can help.

Game translations are not a game!