Faster, better, cheaper

The typical cost of subtitling a Japanese corporate video or a documentary is 7 Euros per subtitle. We charge only 2 to 3 Euros (including time coding). This is partly due to the fact that subtitling companies do not employ in-house Japanese translators who are able to operate sophisticated subtitling software and equipment. Therefore, to provide a subtitling service, the expertise of an external translator and a software technician is required. In other words, you are paying extra not only for travel expenses, but also for the services of two experts!

Akebono has in-house expertise as well as all the requisite software and equipment. Furthermore, because we specialize in Japanese translations, we only employ translators who have extensive knowledge and experience of this software and equipment. You are therefore assured of the highest quality at the best price.

We offer a wide range of options. Firstly, we can provide a quotation per subtitle or per second, ensuring there are no hidden costs. Once your request has been approved, you can deliver your images in a format of your choice, uploaded to our secure FTP server. The options are virtually endless. We are able to deliver separate subtitles (in every conceivable format such as SSA, SRT, SUB etc), as well as 'burnt-in' subtitles that require no further editing. With regard to the latter, we support a range of formats including Windows Media, MPEG1, MPEG2, Macromedia Flash, RealMedia and QuickTime. If so desired, you can specify the bandwidth and format of your subtitles, ensuring that the end result is suited to the requirements of your target group.