A different sound

Even today, Japanese and Chinese are considered exotic languages by Westerners. This amply explains why most sound studios in Europe offer only a limited range of Japanese and Chinese voices for corporate videos and games. The likelihood of the Japanese or Chinese voice matching the corporate image and the message you wish to convey is minimal.

The service we offer is different. We are in direct contact with various sound recording studios in Japan and China, who provide us with a wide range of voices. However, the vast majority of staff in our partner studios have little or no command of English. This makes them largely inaccessible to European customers. By outsourcing your voice-over work to us, you can rest assured that communicating with our partners is as easy as with a studio in Europe. Free of any language barriers or communication problems.

Gone are the days of listening to Japanese and Chinese housewives whose voices, with the best of intentions, have been recorded from the kitchen table. We will put you in touch with professional voice actors, narrators and sound recording technicians, all trained and committed to marketing your product professionally.

All actors and narrators are native Japanese/Chinese speakers, and speak flawless and fluent Japanese/Chinese, without a trace of an accent. As an extra layer of protection, all our recordings are checked by Japanese/Chinese recording technicians. Accent, intonation and reading errors are all carefully scrutinized.

Our voice actors are capable of mimicking different personalities and characters, ranging from children and adults to likeable cartoon characters and convincing sales reps. Our recordings are digitally mastered, producing a crystal-clear sound that, even if accompanied by background music and sound effects, does not lose its audible quality.