Akebono Translation Service uses state-of-the-art computer systems for its translations.

75% discount!

A database containing all of the sentences and words we have ever translated for you is linked to our translation software (which is completely unrelated to Google Translate and the like!). As soon as our tools encounter sentence A in your source text that bears great resemblance to a sentence B, which has already been translated for you, a so-called match will be generated: the translation of sentence B will appear on the screen. This saves us a lot of time, meaning we are better able to meet your deadlines.

But there is more: if our tools generate a so-called 100% match for a sentence which is exactly the same as a sentence that has already been translated, this will save us so much time that a mere 25% of the normal price will be charged for that sentence! The chance that such a 100% match is found will be larger if the text contains more recurrent passages. This is particularly handy for the localization of manuals and software.


One additional advantage of translation software is that the translation will be very consistent: this applies to both the structure of the sentences and the terminology used. The latter is of particular importance: after all, you would not want a translator to translate the name of a menu option differently every time!

Your organization's jargon

Most organizations - even those operating in the same line of business - use their own specific technical jargon. Your wordlist/glossaries can be effortlessly linked to our translation system, guaranteeing that our translator uses the appropriate terminology.

No subsequent adaptations: you get what you deliver

Our tools also use filters which can be released onto your file format. This ensures our translation is delivered in exactly the same format and layout. Currently we support the following tools: memoQ Server Edition, Alchemy Catalyst Localizer Edition, DéjàVuX Workgroup, SDL Trados Suite Freelance, Microsoft Localization Studio, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash and Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Extremely fast translation
  • Very favourably priced
  • Consistent use of words and language
  • A natural translation (thanks to our native speakers)
  • Technical terms translated as per your preferences

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Step 1: The original Excel file
Step 2: The translation software. Note the automatically propagated exact match on the bottom line: you'll get a 75% discount for this one.
Step 3: The end result